About us

Our Mission

Here at Improvement Pathway, we want to demonstrate to everyone that being healthy and being able to perform physically, is not some out of reach goal; reserved only for people who are obsessed with being in the gym for 3 hours each day.

We know life gets in the way of health, but what if it didn’t have to? We make eating right and being active as simple as it can be, because life is complicated enough already.

We believe that all of the mainstream knowledge surrounding fitness is not in everyone’s best interest. People are led into consumerism and quick-fixes in order to ‘fix’ their problems.

What is the alternative? We believe that people can be in amazing shape with no more than two days per week. We believe that the human body actually wants to be in amazing shape naturally and that it is not in fact as stubborn as people are taught.

In fact, we believe the opposite; we believe that millions of pounds worth of marketing and biased nutritional studies have led the mainstream away from what is good for the body and toward what is good for the wallets of the corporations that make the food we eat and sell the remedies for the resultant health complications. This misleading information is what is making it difficult for most people to be in a healthy state.

In final, our mission is to provide you with the tools to change your life, without needing crazy routines. You will need help along the way and that is where we come in. So begin your journey today.